New Zealand Quail (Coturnix novaezelandiae)

The New Zealand quail bird, also known as the koreke or Coturnix novaezelandiae, is a small, ground-dwelling bird that is endemic to New Zealand. It has brown and grey feathering that camouflages it well in the grassy and shrubby environments where it lives. While it was once found abundantly across the country, its population has declined significantly over the past century, partly due to habitat loss and hunting.

The New Zealand Quail bird is a highly social and monogamous species, with pairs mating for life and engaging in cooperative behaviors, such as nest-building and foraging. It lays around six to eight eggs in a clutch, and both parents take turns incubating the eggs for around 17 to 18 days until they hatch. The chicks are precocial and can move around soon after hatching, and both parents are involved in feeding and protecting them.

The New Zealand quail bird is primarily a herbivore, feeding on a variety of seeds, insects, and plant materials, and it uses its sharp beak to forage in the soil for food. It is also known to be active throughout the day, particularly in the early morning and late afternoon.

Unfortunately, the New Zealand quail bird is currently classified as a "nationally vulnerable" species, with small isolated populations surviving in some parts of the country, such as the Canterbury Plains and the hills of Otago. Conservation efforts are being taken, including predator control, habitat restoration, and captive breeding, in order to ensure the survival of this unique and valuable bird species.

In conclusion, the New Zealand quail bird is a fascinating and unique species that plays an important role in the ecosystem of New Zealand. Its social behaviors, monogamous relationships, and cooperative breeding habits make it a fascinating bird to study and observe. With the ongoing conservation efforts, it is hoped that the New Zealand quail bird population will continue to grow and flourish in the future.

Other names

Coturnix novaezelandiae



New Zealand Quail

guatlla de Nova Zelanda



novozelandska prepelica

křepelka novozélandská

Newzealandsk Vagtel

Nieuw-Zeelandse Kwartel


Caille de Nouvelle-Zélande


Quaglia di Nuova Zelanda



przepiórka nowozelandzka


Новозеландский перепел

Novozelandska prepelica (izumrla)

prepelica novozélandská

Codorniz maorí


Yeni Zelanda Bıldırcını

перепілка новозеландська

maoori vutt

új-zélandi fürj