Blue-billed Curassow (Crax alberti)

The Blue-billed Curassow, also known as the Crax alberti, is a large bird found in South America. This species is mostly found in various habitats throughout the country, including lowland rainforests, riverbanks, and dense woods.

The Blue-billed Curassow is a stunning bird that can grow up to 39 inches in length, making it one of the largest in its family. It has a notable, deep blue-colored bill and a black head, neck, and underparts. Meanwhile, the upper part of the body is brown with patches of white on the wings.

This bird is known for its unique vocalization, which is a low, deep grunt. This sound is commonly heard during mating season when males use it to attract females. Unlike other birds, the female Blue-billed Curassow takes charge of nest building and incubation.

The Blue-billed Curassow is a critically endangered species, and there are only around 400 individuals left in the wild. One of the reasons for this decline in numbers is the destruction of their habitat. The clearing of land for development, agriculture, and logging is significantly impacting their living space, food, and reproductive resources. Additionally, hunting has become a significant problem, as the birds are captured for their meat and feathers.

Several conservation organizations are working to protect this species. Programs such as the Blue-billed Curassow Conservation Program are introducing captive-bred birds back into the wild. The conservation efforts have shown great success, with an increase in the number of Blue-billed Curassows recorded in some areas.

Overall, the Blue-billed Curassows are a remarkable species that deserves our attention. The ongoing conservation efforts are critical in ensuring that these birds continue to thrive for generations to come. It is crucial to protect the habitat and raise awareness of their plight to guarantee a brighter future for these beautiful and unique birds.

Other names

Crax alberti



Blue-billed Curassow

hoco becblau



plavokljuni hoko

hoko modrolaločný

Blåknoppet Hokko



Hocco d’Albert


Hocco beccazzurro


melsvasnapis kraksas


czubacz niebieskodzioby


Синеклювый кракс

Plavokljuni hoko

hoko modrozobý

Pavón piquiazul

blånäbbad hocko

Mavi İbikli Hokko

кракс синьодзьобий


kéklebenyes hokkó