Black Curassow (Crax alector)

The Black Curassow is a species native to the forests of Central and South America. These birds are known for their striking black plumage with iridescent green and purple hues. They are large-bodied birds, with males reaching up to two feet in length and females slightly smaller.

The Black Curassow is a forest-dwelling bird and is commonly found in thick, dense forests, often near rivers and streams. They are known for their elusive behaviour and often hide amongst the foliage, making them difficult to spot. They are also known for their loud, raucous calls that can be heard for miles through the forest.

Black Curassows are omnivores and feed on a variety of foods including fruits, seeds, insects, and small animals. They are known to forage on the forest floor for food, but also feed on fruits and seeds found on trees and shrubs.

Unfortunately, the Black Curassow is a threatened species and has been listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This is due to the destruction of the birds' natural habitat by deforestation, as well as hunting for their meat and feathers. Habitat loss and hunting are the main factors contributing to the decline in Black Curassow populations.

Conservation efforts are in place to protect the Black Curassow and its natural habitat. Programs have been implemented to help reduce deforestation in the bird's habitat and enforce hunting laws to stop the hunting of these birds. In addition, breeding programs are also being carried out to help maintain and increase the bird's population.

In conclusion, the Black Curassow is a beautiful bird that plays an important role in the ecosystem of Central and South American forests. Unfortunately, the species is at risk of extinction due to habitat loss and hunting. Conservation efforts are essential to protect this species and ensure its survival for future generations.

Other names

Crax alector



Black Curassow

hoco becllarg



crni hoko

hoko černý


Zwarte Hokko


Hocco alector


Hocco nero


juodasis kraksas


czubacz kędzierzawy


Хохлатый кракс

Crni hoko

hoko čierny

Pavón guayanés


Sarı Gagalı Hokko

кракс тонкодзьобий

guajaana hoko

fekete hokkó