Red-billed Curassow (Crax blumenbachii)

The Red-billed Curassow is a striking bird found in the humid forests of South America. This bird is a medium-sized bird, with a thick, round body, and long, powerful legs. The male and female of this species are easy to distinguish, as the male has glossy black feathers and a red bill, while the female is a duller brown with a blue-grey bill.

The Red-billed Curassow is a ground-dwelling bird that prefers to spend most of the time foraging for food on the forest floor. This bird is a frugivorous animal and relies primarily on fruits for its diet. However, it also eats seeds, flowers, and small animals such as insects and snails.

Unfortunately, the Red-billed Curassow is currently classified as a vulnerable species due to habitat destruction and hunting. The deforestation of their habitat means that their natural food sources are becoming scarcer, causing them to seek food in urban areas, where they are often hunted by humans.

Conservation efforts are being made to protect the Red-billed Curassow species by creating protected habitats and sanctuaries where they can live and breed safely. The Red-billed Curassow is also kept in captivity and bred in zoos to ensure the survival of this species for future generations.

In conclusion, the Red-billed Curassow is a magnificent bird with an important role in the forest ecosystem. Unfortunately, this bird is facing many threats due to habitat destruction and hunting. However, conservation efforts are being made to protect this bird and ensure its survival for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Crax blumenbachii



Red-billed Curassow

hoco de Blumenbach



krunati hoko

hoko červenolaločný

Rødnæbbet Hokko



Hocco de Blumenbach


Hocco beccorosso


raudonsnapis kraksas


czubacz czerwonodzioby


Красноклювый кракс

Krunasti hoko

hoko červenozobý

Pavón piquirrojo

rödnäbbad hocko

Blumenbach Hokkosu

кракс червонодзьобий

bahia hoko

piroscsőrű hokkó