Yellow-knobbed Curassow (Crax daubentoni)

The Yellow-knobbed Curassow bird is a unique and beautiful bird species that originates from South America and is a member of the family of Cracidae. It is commonly found in the lowland rainforests of the Amazon basin in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

The Yellow-knobbed Curassow bird is a large bird that measures up to 95 cm in length and weighs about 4 kg. The males are easily recognized by their yellow knob that appears above their beaks. The females are slightly smaller and have a darker plumage with a brownish-black color. The bird's legs and feet are strong and well adapted for walking and jumping around in the dense rainforest.

This bird species is quite shy and reclusive and is rarely spotted in the wild. They are primarily plant-eaters and consume a variety of fruits, seeds, and nuts. They spend much of their day foraging on the forest floor, and they are also very skilled climbers, making them well adapted to surviving in their natural habitat.

Unfortunately, the Yellow-knobbed Curassow bird is listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The main threats facing this species include habitat loss due to deforestation and hunting for their meat, feathers, and eggs. The bird has also been impacted by indiscriminate trapping, which has led to a decrease in their population in the wild.

To protect and conserve this species, researchers and conservationists have been working to educate local communities on the importance of preserving the bird's natural habitat. They are also working to reintroduce the bird back into their natural habitat in areas where they have been lost due to deforestation and habitat degradation.

Overall, the Yellow-knobbed Curassow bird is a unique and fascinating species that deserves protection and conservation efforts to ensure its long-term survival in the wild.

Other names

Crax daubentoni



Yellow-knobbed Curassow

hoco de Daubenton



žutokljuni hoko

hoko žlutolaločný

Gulknoppet Hokko



Hocco de Daubenton


Hocco beccogiallo


Dobantono kraksas


czubacz żółtoguzy


Желтогребневый кракс

Žutogrbičasti hoko

hoko žltozobý

Pavón porú


Sarı İbikli Hokko

кракс венесуельський


sárgabütykös hokkó