Bare-faced Curassow (Crax fasciolata)

The bare-faced curassow (Crax fasciolata) is a handsome, but elusive bird that inhabits the tropical forests of South America. These birds can be found in a range of habitats, including humid lowland forests, river valleys, and even mountainous regions.

They are the largest of the curassow species, with a beautiful black plumage on their body. The male bird, in particular, sports a large white patch on its wings that is particularly striking. Their most distinguishing feature, however, is their bare face that looks like a mask.

The bare-faced curassow diet consists mainly of fruits, although they do occasionally eat insects, small animals, and nuts. They are frugivores and play a vital role in seed dispersal in the forests they inhabit. As they eat fruits, the seeds present in them are transported around the ecosystem, leading to natural reforestation, and playing a crucial role in tree reproduction.

Bare-faced curassows are primarily ground animals and are rarely seen taking flight. Instead of taking off, they often prefer to run away if they detect any danger. They are incredibly shy and secretive, and their sightings are relatively rare for bird watchers.

These birds are typically monogamous and breed in the dry season when the forests are less dense. They build their nests in the undergrowth, and the female lays up to three eggs. The male bird helps the female in the incubation of eggs and is known to look after their young.

Despite their attributes and importance in the ecosystem, habitat destruction, and hunting are major threats to this species. Although some measures are taken to protect bare-faced curassows in certain regions, they are still a cause for concern in many areas.

Overall, the elusive and highly secretive Bare-faced Curassow bird is a unique species that plays an essential role in the ecology of tropical forests. It is a spectacular bird that deserves more attention for conservation efforts.

Other names

Crax fasciolata



Bare-faced Curassow

hoco de cara nua



gololici hoko

hoko žlutozobý

Nøgenmasket Hokko



Hocco à face nue


Hocco faccianuda


plikaveidis kraksas


czubacz gołolicy


Гололицый кракс

Gololiki hoko

hoko kučeravý

Pavón muitú

gulnäbbad hocko

Gözlüklü Hokko

кракс жовтодзьобий


csupaszarcú hokkó