Brown Eared Pheasant (Crossoptilon mantchuricum)

The Brown Eared Pheasant bird is a beautiful and distinctive species of bird that is native to the eastern regions of Asia. This bird is a medium-sized pheasant that is found primarily in the forests and mountainous regions of China, Korea, and Japan.

This species is named after its distinct feature which is a patch of feathers on its head that look like a pair of ear tufts. These "ears" are actually not ears, but rather feathers that help it blend into its environment, allowing the bird to remain hidden from potential predators.

The Brown Eared Pheasant is known for its striking appearance, which consists of a brownish-grey body and a bright blue-green and red plumage on its breast and neck. The male bird is larger and more brightly colored than the female, with a long, thin tail that is used in courtship displays.

The Brown Eared Pheasant prefers to live in dense forests and brushy areas, where it can forage for insects, fruits, and seeds. It is a shy and elusive bird, and is usually only seen in small groups or pairs.

Due to habitat loss and hunting, the Brown Eared Pheasant population has declined significantly in recent years. Conservation efforts have been put in place to protect their habitat and prevent overhunting. Unfortunately, this bird is still threatened by loss of habitat and hunting, and its populations continue to decline.

Overall, the Brown Eared Pheasant is a beautiful and unique species of bird that plays an important role in its ecosystem. It is a symbol of the natural beauty and diversity of Asian forests, and must be protected in order to ensure its survival for future generations.

Other names

Crossoptilon mantchuricum



Brown Eared Pheasant

faisà mostatxut fosc



brkati fazan

bažant mandžuský

Brun Ørefasan

Bruine Oorfazant


Hokki brun


Fagiano orecchiuto bruno


mandžiūrinis ausytasis fazanas


uszak brunatny


Маньчжурский ушастый фазан

Brkati fazan

uškáň bielochrbtý

Faisán orejudo pardo

brun öronfasan

Kulaklı Kahverengi Sülün

фазан-вухань бурий


barna fülesfácán

brūnais ausfazāns