Black-capped Tinamou (Crypturellus atrocapillus)

The Black-capped Tinamou bird, also referred to as the black-capped or southern spotted tinamou, is a small-sized bird that belongs to the family Tinamidae. This bird species is commonly found in the subtropical and tropical regions of South America.

The Black-capped Tinamou bird has a plump and rounded body that reaches approximately 27 centimeters in length. Its basic coloration consists of a brownish-gray hue with black or dark brown spots scattered across its body. The bird's head has a black helmet-like cap, which distinguishes it from other tinamou species in the same range.

The black-capped tinamou is a ground-dwelling bird that spends most of its time on the forest floor. It is active during the early morning and late afternoon hours and prefers habitats with dense underbrush, such as humid forests, savannas, and shrublands. Its diet primarily consists of fruits, seeds, and small invertebrates such as ants and termites.

The breeding season of the black-capped tinamou varies depending on its location and habitat, but typically occurs from August to March. During this period, the birds perform elaborate courtship displays, with males engaging in territorial defense, wing displays, and vocalizations to attract a mate. Females lay up to four eggs in nests on the ground, which they incubate for around 15-20 days until hatching.

The black-capped tinamou plays a critical role in the ecosystem as both prey and predator. Its meat is consumed by humans and serves as an essential protein source in some communities. Additionally, it acts as a seed disperser, helping to propagate new plants and maintain plant diversity in its habitat.

Though the black-capped tinamou is currently listed as a Species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), its populations are threatened by habitat destruction, hunting, and invasive species. Conservation measures such as habitat protection, sustainable harvesting, and monitoring populations are needed to ensure the continued survival of this unique bird species.

Other names

Crypturellus atrocapillus



Black-capped Tinamou

tinamú de casquet



tamnokapi tinamu

tinama černotemenná

Sodkronet Tinamu



Tinamou à calotte noire


Tinamo capinero


juodakepuris tinamas


kusacz kapturowy


Красноногий криптуреллус

Crnokapi tinamu

tinama čiapočkatá

Tinamú capirotado

svarthättad tinamo

Kara Alınlı Tinamu

татаупа темноголовий