Bartlett's Tinamou (Crypturellus bartletti)

Bartlett's Tinamou bird is a small, plump, flightless bird that belongs to the order Tinamiformes. It is also known as the Rufous-breasted Tinamou and is named after its discoverer, W.P. Bartlett, an English explorer.

Bartlett's Tinamou is found in the Andean region of Colombia, Ecuador, and northern Peru. It prefers to inhabit humid montane forests and cloud forests at approximately 900 to 3,100 meters above sea level. These birds are shy and elusive, spending most of their time on the forest floor where they forage for food.

Adult Bartlett's Tinamous are about 28-33 cm long and weigh around 500 grams. The bird has a distinct rufous-brown breast, black tail, greyish-brown to olive-green upperparts, and a white belly. The female Bartlett's Tinamous are slightly larger than males and have larger, rounder bodies. This species of bird has a high-pitched whistle that can often be heard echoing through the forests where it lives.

Bartlett's Tinamous are omnivorous and feed on a variety of fruits, seeds, insects, and small invertebrates by pecking and scratching on the ground. They are primarily active during the day but may be active during the night in areas where human activity is low.

These birds are monogamous and form pairs during the breeding season. The female typically lays 2 – 4 eggs in a scrape on the ground and the male takes on most of the incubation responsibilities. Once the eggs hatch after about 21-23 days, both parents take responsibility for feeding and caring for the chicks.

Unfortunately, Bartlett's Tinamous have experienced habitat loss due to deforestation as well as hunting for food. Despite this, there are efforts to conserve the species. Organizations and conservationists promote the protection and restoration of their habitat and discourage hunting.

In conclusion, Bartlett's Tinamou is an intriguing bird species that displays unique characteristics and is indigenous to certain regions of South America. Their rare sightings, coupled with their conservation status, make them an interesting and important research topic for ornithologists and environmentalists alike.

Other names

Crypturellus bartletti



Bartlett's Tinamou

tinamú de Bartlett



barlettov tinamu

tinama Bartlettova

Bartletts Tinamu

Bartletts Tinamoe


Tinamou de Bartlett


Tinamo di Bartlett


Bartleto tinamas


kusacz płowy


Бартлеттов криптуреллус

Bartletov tinamu

tinama plavobruchá

Tinamú de Bartlett

Bartletts tinamo

Bartlett Tinamusu

татаупа перуанський