Berlepsch's Tinamou (Crypturellus berlepschi)

Berlepsch’s Tinamou, also known as Bartlett's Tinamou or the Andean Tinamou, is a species of bird belonging to the family Tinamidae. It is a ground bird known for its shy nature and cautious behavior, and is found mainly in the mountain forests of South America, particularly in Ecuador and Peru.

This bird is relatively small in size with dark-brownish feathers, a distinctive white throat, and a white stripe running down its chest. The bird is believed to grow up to 30-35 cm in length and weigh approximately 300 grams. They have a medium-length tail and a small head with a reddish-brown coloration.

Berlepsch's Tinamou is a solitary bird, known to be quite territorial and usually found foraging for seeds, fruits, and insects on the forest floor. They prefer to keep to themselves and do not associate much with other bird species. Their breeding patterns are not well understood, but it is suspected that they create a shallow nest in leaf litter, in which the female lays two or three eggs.

The bird's habitat range covers a large part of the Andean forest, and while it is not currently endangered, its population is at risk due to habitat loss and destruction. The loss of habitat is mainly a result of deforestation, logging, and encroachment of human activities in the bird’s natural habitat. The population decline in this species has led to the creation of conservation programs aimed at protecting and increasing Berlepsch's Tinamou populations in their habitats.

Overall, Berlepsch’s Tinamou is a fascinating bird species worth protecting. Their unique physical characteristics, behavior, and distinct habitat highlight the importance of conservation efforts in preserving vulnerable bird species, ensuring that they continue to exist for future generations to come.

Other names

Crypturellus berlepschi



Berlepsch's Tinamou

tinamú de Berlepsch



ekvadorski tinamu

tinama Berlepschova


Berlepsch' Tinamoe


Tinamou de Berlepsch


Tinamo di Berlepsch


Berlepšo tinamas


kusacz brunatny


Берлепшов криптуреллюс

Berlepšov tinamu

tinama sadzová

Tinamú tizón


Küçük Kara Tinamu

татаупа чорний