Barred Tinamou (Crypturellus casiquiare)

The Barred Tinamou bird, also known as the Striped Wood-Quail, is a medium-sized, terrestrial bird native to the forests of South America. It is a shy and elusive bird, rarely seen in the wild due to its habit of hiding in dense undergrowth.

The Barred Tinamou bird has a distinctive barred pattern on its plumage, with brown and black stripes running vertically down its body. Its head is small and round, and it has a short, curved bill that it uses to forage for food on the forest floor.

The Barred Tinamou bird is primarily herbivorous, feeding on fruits, seeds, and insects. It is also known to eat small animals such as lizards and snails. Due to its secretive nature, little is known about its breeding habits and reproductive behavior.

The Barred Tinamou bird is an important species in the ecosystems it inhabits, helping to distribute seeds through its consumption of fruits. It also serves as a prey species for larger predators such as snakes and birds of prey.

Despite its ecological importance, the Barred Tinamou bird faces threats from habitat loss due to deforestation and human development. It is also hunted for its meat, which is considered a delicacy in some regions. Conservation efforts are underway to protect the bird's habitat and raise awareness about the need to preserve its populations.

In conclusion, the Barred Tinamou bird is a fascinating and important species with a unique appearance and ecological role. While it faces threats from human activities, efforts to protect its habitat and raise awareness about its plight can help ensure its survival for generations to come.

Other names

Crypturellus casiquiare



Barred Tinamou

tinamú barrat



šareni tinamu

tinama páskovaná


Gebandeerde Tinamoe


Tinamou barré


Tinamo barrato


dryžasis tinamas


kusacz prążkowany


Полосатый криптуреллус

Riđoglavi tinamu

tinama lesná

Tinamú del Casiquiare

strimmig tinamo

Çizgili Tinamu

татаупа колумбійський