Cinereous Tinamou (Crypturellus cinereus)

The Cinereous Tinamou bird is a native of South America, found in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. It is a small, ground-dwelling bird that is grey-brown in colour with white spots all over its feathers. It is about 28-34 cm in length and weighs around 500-820 g.

The Cinereous Tinamou is a shy bird that is rarely seen by humans due to its habitat preferences. It can be found in both tropical and subtropical regions such as savannas, forests, and swamps. The bird is mostly active during the early morning and late evenings, and during the day, it usually hides away in dense vegetation.

One of the most distinctive features of the Cinereous Tinamou is its call, which has been described as a low, hoarse whistle. These birds are monogamous, and their breeding season varies depending on the location and climate. They lay eggs in shallow nests on the ground, and the chicks are precocial, meaning they are able to run and feed themselves shortly after hatching.

Like many birds in South America, the habitat of the Cinereous Tinamou is under threat due to activities such as logging and agriculture. As a result, populations of the bird have declined in recent years, with some areas seeing them disappear altogether. However, they are still considered to be a species of “Least Concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to their wide distribution and large population size.

Overall, the Cinereous Tinamou is a fascinating bird that is an important part of the ecosystem in many areas of South America. Although their populations may be declining in some areas, their unique call and beautiful appearance make them a valuable species to protect and conserve for future generations.

Other names

Crypturellus cinereus



Cinereous Tinamou

tinamú cendrós



pepeljasti tinamu

tinama podrostní


Grauwe Tinamoe


Tinamou cendré


Tinamo cenerino


peleninis tinamas


kusacz popielaty


Серый криптуреллус

Pepeljasti tinamu

tinama popolavá

Tinamú sombrío

askgrå tinamo

Karaca Tinamu

татаупа сірий