Thicket Tinamou (Crypturellus cinnamomeus)

The Thicket Tinamou bird is a small, terrestrial species belonging to the Tinamidae family, found in parts of Central and South America. These birds usually inhabit densely forested areas, particularly gallery forests, thorny thickets, and swampy mangroves, often remaining hidden among the dense vegetation.

These birds have a rounded body shape, with short wings, and a relatively long tail. Their plumage is primarily brownish with black flecks across the mantle and wings. They possess small, black beaks, with a pale-colored throat and breast. In addition, the female birds have a slightly shorter tail and smaller body size than the males.

Thicket Tinamous are primarily herbivorous and feeds on leaves, fruits, and seeds. They forage on the ground in search of food as they remain hidden among the dense vegetation. These birds are generally very secretive and shy, thus making them challenging to spot in the wild.

During the breeding season, the male Thicket Tinamou displays an elaborate courtship dance to attract a female. The male bird begins by extending and lowering its tail and bouncing up and down while producing a loud call. Once a female is enticed and the pair mates, the female lays up to three eggs in a nest on the ground, which she will then incubate for around 18-20 days.

Unfortunately, the habitat range of the Thicket Tinamou has been significantly impacted by human activity, including forest clearance for agriculture and urbanization. The species is currently classified as "near-threatened" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), indicating that immediate action is required to prevent the further decline of their populations.

In conclusion, the Thicket Tinamou is an intriguing bird species, primarily found in dense forested regions of Central and South America. Due to its secretive nature and dwindling habitat range, observing these birds in the wild is becoming increasingly challenging, making conservation efforts imperative for ensuring their continued survival for future generations.

Other names

Crypturellus cinnamomeus



Thicket Tinamou

tinamú canyella



cimetasti tinamu

tinama skořicová




Tinamou cannelle


Tinamo di boscaglia


krūmyninis tinamas


kusacz cynamonowy


Кустарниковый криптуреллус

Šikarski tinamu

tinama húštinová

Tinamú canelo


Çalı Tinamusu

татаупа чагарниковий