Choco Tinamou (Crypturellus kerriae)

The Choco Tinamou bird, also known as the Hill Partridge, is a small ground-dwelling bird species that is naturally found in the Andes, particularly in the dense forest regions of Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama. It is a rather plain bird species, with a primarily dark brown and light brown speckled plumage. The bird has a rounded body shape with a small head and a short tail.

One of the most notable features of the Choco Tinamou is its unique vocalizations. It can produce a variety of chirping and whistling sounds that can be heard at a considerable distance. The bird's calls can be heard throughout the day, but they are most active around the dawn and dusk.

As a ground-dwelling bird, the Choco Tinamou prefers to make its home in dense undergrowth or bamboo thickets. Although they are primarily sedentary, they do migrate in response to environmental changes like seasonal food availability. Their diet mostly consists of fallen fruit and insects on the forest floor.

Unfortunately, like many other birds in the region, the Choco Tinamou bird is threatened due to deforestation and habitat loss. This has led to the bird being listed as Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Fortunately, some conservation organizations are working to protect the habitat of the Choco Tinamou bird and other endangered bird species in the region. Protecting natural habitats is crucial to the future of these bird species, and it is something that everyone can do by supporting such efforts.

In conclusion, the Choco Tinamou bird is a unique bird species that plays an important role in its environment. While it faces numerous threats, there is hope for its survival with the help of conservation efforts.

Other names

Crypturellus kerriae



Choco Tinamou

tinamú del Chocó



mrki tinamu

tinama kolumbijská




Tinamou de Kerr


Tinamo del Chocò


Kero tinamas


kusacz ciemny



Čoko tinamu

tinama tmavá

Tinamú del Chocó


Kerr Tinamusu

татаупа панамський

kolumbia metstinamu