Brown Tinamou (Crypturellus obsoletus)

The Brown Tinamou, also known as the "Nothura maculosa," is a ground-dwelling bird that belongs to the tinamou family. It is primarily found in Central and South America, ranging from Honduras to Argentina. The bird's plumage is predominantly brown, with scattered white spots on the chest and belly.

The Brown Tinamou thrives in a variety of habitats, including dry grasslands, savannas, and open forests. This adaptable bird is known for its complex social behavior, forming groups of up to 30 birds during the breeding season. During the non-breeding season, they live in small family groups of about ten birds.

Brown Tinamous have a distinct diet that primarily consists of seeds, fruits, and insects. They forage on the ground, rely on their keen sense of hearing to detect predators, and use their camouflage to blend in with the vegetation.

Brown Tinamous lay their eggs in hollows, which are often made in the ground. The female incubates the eggs for approximately 17 days, and the chicks hatch fully feathered and able to run within hours. The male bird usually takes responsibility for guarding the chicks while the female begins a second clutch.

Though Brown Tinamous are not considered to be endangered, their population has decreased due to hunting. Unlike other birds, Brown Tinamous are relatively tame, so they are easy targets for hunters. Additionally, habitat loss and fragmentation are also threats to their survival.

In conclusion, The Brown Tinamou bird is an adaptable ground-dweller found in Central and South America. Brown Tinamous are known for their complex social behavior, feeding habits, and unique breeding process. While the Brown Tinamou is not threatened, their population has decreased due to habitat loss and hunting. It is crucial that efforts must be taken to conserve these birds so that they continue to fascinate bird enthusiasts and maintain the ecological balance of their habitats.

Other names

Crypturellus obsoletus



Brown Tinamou

tinamú bru



smeđi tinamu

tinama hnědá

Brun Tinamu

Bruine Tinamoe


Tinamou brun


Tinamo bruno


kaštoninis tinamas


kusacz kasztanowaty


Каштановый криптуреллус

Smeđi tinamu

tinama gaštanová

Tinamú café

brun tinamo

Kahverengi Tinamu

татаупа каштановий