Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui)

The Little Tinamou bird, also known as Crypturellus soui, is a unique species of bird found in various regions of the South American continent. It belongs to the family Tinamidae, which is composed of terrestrial birds that are known for their small size and ability to fly short distances.

The Little Tinamou can be found in various habitats throughout South America, including tropical and subtropical forests, savannas, and grasslands. They are typically found in lowland areas near water sources such as rivers and swamps. These birds are small in size, growing up to approximately 20cm in length and weighing just over 200 grams. They have a plump, round body with short wings and a small, pointed beak that is adapted for feeding on insects, fruits, and seeds.

Despite their small size, Little Tinamous are tough birds that are able to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions. They are known for their ability to fly short distances and to run quickly on the ground to evade predators. They are also able to hide from potential threats by blending in with their surroundings and remaining motionless.

Little Tinamous are primarily solitary birds that are active during the day. They are generally quiet birds, except during the breeding season when they emit a series of low-pitched calls. Breeding season typically occurs between August and February and is marked by the formation of monogamous pairs that build nests on the ground or within suspended clumps of vegetation. The female will lay between two and five eggs, which are incubated for up to 19 days.

The Little Tinamou bird is an important species within its ecosystem. As a seed disperser, it helps to spread and grow vegetation in the areas it inhabits. Additionally, its presence is an indicator of the overall health of its habitat and provides valuable insight into the effects of human activities on the natural environment.

In conclusion, the Little Tinamou bird is a fascinating and important species of bird found in South America. With its unique adaptations and important ecological role, it is a vital part of the natural world that should be treasured and protected for future generations.

Other names

Crypturellus soui



Little Tinamou

tinamú petit



mali tinamu

tinama malá

Lille Tinamu

Kleine Tinamoe


Tinamou soui


Tinamo piccolo


mažasis tinamas


kusacz czarnogłowy


Коричневый криптуреллус

Mali tinamu

tinama malá

Tinamú chico

mindre tinamo

Küçük Tinamu

татаупа малий


apró tinamu