Undulated Tinamou (Crypturellus undulatus)

The Undulated Tinamou, scientifically known as Crypturellus undulatus, is a unique bird native to South America. This unusual species is a game bird that is highly prized by hunters. It is commonly found in Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, and Venezuela, where it makes its home in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

The Undulated Tinamou is a small bird, typically growing up to a maximum length of 33 cm, and weighing up to 500 grams. It has a rounded head, a long bill, and short wings. Its wings are not designed for long flight but make it highly maneuverable in dense forest environments. This species is well-known for their striking bronze-green plumage that is covered with black barring, making it the most striking of all tinamous.

The Undulated Tinamou is famous for its distinctive vocalizations. It produces a loud, sharp 'por-por-por' sound that is easily recognizable, which is used by ornithologists to identify the species. Additionally, they make a series of distinctive calls throughout the breeding season to attract mates.

Like other tinamous, the Undulated Tinamou is a ground-dwelling bird that spends most of the day foraging on the forest floor, in search of food. Their diet consists primarily of insects, small invertebrates, and berries. They are also known to eat small frogs, seeds, and fruits.

Due to its distinctive and striking beauty, as well as its status as a game bird, the Undulated Tinamou is under the threat of being overhunted and loss of habitat. Conservation efforts are underway in South America to protect this species, including establishing protected areas and regulations for hunting. This measure aims to ensure that the Undulated Tinamou will thrive in its natural habitat for years to come.

Other names

Crypturellus undulatus



Undulated Tinamou

tinamú ondulat



prugasti tinamu

tinama vlnkovaná




Tinamou vermiculé


Tinamo vermicolato


raibasis tinamas


kusacz falisty


Полосатый криптуреллус

Sitnopirgavi tinamu

tinama vlnkovaná

Tinamú ondeado


Yazılı Tinamu

татаупа блідий


hullámos tinamu