Montezuma Quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae)

The Montezuma Quail bird, also known as the Mearn’s Quail, is a small and elusive bird species that belongs to the New World quail family. It is named for the last Aztec emperor, Montezuma, due to the bird’s presumed association with his empire's territory, which included parts of the United States and Mexico.

The Montezuma Quail is unique with an intricate and colorful appearance, making it an excellent subject for enthusiastic bird watchers. The males have distinctive black and white facial markings that contrast against their rusty-colored bodies, making them easily recognizable among other quail species. The females, on the other hand, have a beautiful and distinct spotted brown plumage that serves as camouflage to protect their nest.

This beautiful bird is primarily found in parts of the southwestern United States and throughout Mexico, but it is critically endangered due to habitat loss, mainly from logging, grazing, and agricultural activities. As a result, it has become increasingly rare, and unfortunately, it is difficult for ornithologists to study them in their natural habitat.

Montezuma Quails are also known to be very sensitive and skittish birds that prefer to run rather than fly, which makes them difficult to spot, let alone study. However, their calls are distinctive, loud, and common, with a series of rhythmic crowing sounds that can be heard for quite a distance.

The Montezuma Quail bird is a herbivore that feeds mostly on seeds, berries, and leaves. They can often be found in brushy and wooded habitats with dense patches of grass, where they can scavenger for their preferred meals while they remain partially hidden.

In conclusion, the Montezuma Quail is a beautiful and distinct bird species that requires conservation efforts to prevent further habitat loss and possible extinction. This bird is notable for its intriguing appearance, shyness and significance in regional folklore, making it an exciting bird to watch and study by ornithologists and bird enthusiasts.

Other names

Cyrtonyx montezumae



Montezuma Quail

colí de Moctezuma



šarena prepelica

křepel harlekýn




Colin arlequin


Quaglia di Montezuma


Montesumos verkiančioji putpelė


przepiór perlisty


Плачущий перепел Монтесумы

Montezumina prepelica

prepelka kráľovská

Colín de Moctezuma


Soytarı Kolin

перепелиця-клоун мексиканська

mehhiko maskvutt

pettyes fogasfürj

Montesumas paipala