Sooty Grouse (Dendragapus fuliginosus)

The Sooty Grouse is a bird native to Western North America known for its unique appearance and behavior. This bird is also known as Blue Grouse or Dusky Grouse and belongs to the Tetraonidae family. They are popular among bird enthusiasts because of their distinct vocalization and mating rituals.

Sooty Grouse birds are primarily found in the forested areas of western North America, particularly in the mountainous regions of California, Oregon, and Washington. They are a relatively large bird and can grow up to 20-30 inches in length, making them one of the largest grouse species in the Americas.

The males of Sooty Grouse species have beautiful bluish-grey plumage with a black tail, while the females have dull brown plumage. During the breeding season, the males emit loud hooting sounds, which can be heard from a long distance. These mating calls sound like a series of deep hoots in rapid succession, repeated numerous times.

Sooty Grouse is primarily herbivorous and feeds on leaves, needles, and berries. They are known to forage on the shrubs, coniferous trees, and fruit-bearing trees of the forest. They are also known to eat insects and small invertebrates during the summer months when the food is abundant.

Sooty Grouse have an unusual behavior during the breeding season. They often gather in groups and perform a unique ritual known as “fanning,” where the males will fan their wings and neck feathers, exposing their bright feathers while puffing out their chest and strutting to attract the females. This behavior is referred to as "courting" or the "dance of fanning."

Today, conservation programs are being implemented to protect these beautiful birds, as their populations have been negatively impacted due to habitat loss, hunting, and other factors. These birds hold great significance in North American culture and are also popular among bird watchers.

Other names

Dendragapus fuliginosus



Sooty Grouse

grèvol fuliginós



siva lještarka

tetřívek sazový

Sodfarvet Hjerpe

Grauw Sneeuwhoen


Tétras fuligineux


Pernice fuligginosa


pilkasis tetervinas


borowiak żółtogardły


Дикуша обыкновенная

Čađavi tetreb

kupido sadzový

Gallo fuliginoso


Pasifik Göknar Tavuğu

тетерук гірський

tumšais rubenis