White-faced Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna viduata)

The White-faced Whistling Duck is a bird that is native to South America, Central America, and parts of Mexico. This duck is named after its unique head plumage, which is primarily white with black and brown accents extending from the eyes to the ears. The rest of its body is mainly dark brown.

One of the most notable features of this species is their whistling call, which is how they were given their common name. They often whistle while in groups, making for a very musical sound.

These birds are usually found near freshwater sources, such as rivers, lakes, and wetlands. They feed on a diet consisting of plants, seeds, insects, and small invertebrates. They are also known to be opportunistic scavengers.

White-faced Whistling Ducks are social creatures and form large flocks, often consisting of over 100 individuals. During breeding season, males will display to females by stretching their necks and bobbing their heads while uttering a series of calls.

These ducks breed during the wet season in their native habitats. Females typically lay about 10 eggs in a nest they build on the ground, near water sources. Both males and females play a role in incubating the eggs, which hatch after about a month.

Although the White-faced Whistling Duck is not a threatened species, habitat loss and hunting are affecting their populations in some areas. They are still widely regarded as a beautiful and captivating species, loved for their unique appearance, pleasant calls, and fascinating behaviors. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the natural habitat of all our planet's creatures.

Other names

Dendrocygna viduata



White-faced Whistling Duck

ànec arbori carablanc



bjelolica utva

husička vdovka




Dendrocygne veuf


Dendrocigna facciabianca


baltaveidė medžąsė


drzewica białolica


Белолицая древесная утка

Belolika patka pištalica

stromárka bielohlavá

Suirirí cariblanco

vithuvad visseland

Ak Yüzlü Islıkçı Ördek

свистач білоголовий





baltvaigu svilpējzoss


vdovski žvižgač