Bearded Wood Partridge (Dendrortyx barbatus)

The Bearded Wood Partridge is an exquisite bird found in the subtropical and tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Indonesia. This species is often referred to as the Bearded Partridge or the Malaysian Partridge and is a member of the family Phasianidae.

The Bearded Wood Partridge is conventionally considered a medium-sized bird with a wingspan of up to 50 cm and a weight of approximately 300 g. The bird has a unique appearance. The males have a black plumage with white spots, a red facial area, and white and black stripes on the head, while the females and the juveniles have mottled brown plumage. Both sexes have a distinctive black beard underneath their chin.

The habitat of the Bearded Wood Partridge is dense undergrowth, bamboo groves, and the edges of forests, where it feeds on seeds, insects, and fruits. A solitary bird, the Bearded Wood Partridge is usually found in pairs or small groups and is quite secretive, making it challenging to spot, even with its loud and distinctive call.

While the Bearded Wood Partridge is not considered to be in danger of extinction, its population is gradually dwindling due to the loss of its natural habitat. This bird is also threatened with hunting and predation by other species, which are also a contributing factor to the decline in their numbers.

Conservation efforts have been initiated to protect this bird and its habitat. Initiatives to conserve the species include protecting forests and establishing breeding programs to help repopulate the area. The local people are also involved in the conservation effort, with the hope that they can appreciate and understand the significance of Bearded Wood Partridge and become its advocates for future generations.

In conclusion, the Bearded Wood Partridge is an incredible bird species that add vibrancy to the subtropical and tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Additionally, given the challenge in documenting sightings of this avian species, conservation efforts will go a long way in ensuring the survival of this fascinating bird and its distinctive plumage for future generations.

Other names

Dendrortyx barbatus



Bearded Wood Partridge

colí barbat



hidalgoska prepelica

křepel vousatý

Vera Cruz-skovvagtel



Colin barbu


Pernice boschereccia barbuta


barzdotoji miškinė kurapka


przepiór śniadoszyi


Бородатая лесная куропатка

Bradata šumska jarebica

prepelka bradatá

Colín barbudo

rostbröstad skogsvaktel

Sakallı Ağaçbıldırcını

перепелиця мексиканська