Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge (Dendrortyx leucophrys)

The Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge bird, also known as the Buffy-crowned Partridge or the Rusty-breasted Partridge, is a species of bird in the Phasianidae family. The bird is native to countries in Southeast Asia such as Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia.

This species of bird is medium-sized, with males weighing approximately 470 to 550 grams and females weighing about 390 to 450 grams. They are about 30 to 35 cm in length, and their wingspan ranges from 44 to 47 cm. The Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge has a striking appearance with reddish-brown plumage with grayish-black spots on the wings. The males have a gray crown with a few buff feathers on the top, while the females have a brown crown with black stripes.

These birds live in dense forests, mainly on hills and rocky slopes. They are often seen foraging on the ground for fruits, seeds, and insects. During the breeding season, the males display their courting behavior by making calls and drumming on logs or branches. Once the female chooses a mate, they will build a nest on the ground or low shrubs, where the female will lay about 4 to 5 eggs.

The Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge is currently listed as near threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The population of this species has been declining due to habitat loss and hunting for their meat and feathers. Conservation efforts are being made to protect the remaining population, such as creating protected areas and educating locals about the importance of preserving this species.

Overall, the Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge is a striking and interesting bird species that is an important part of the ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Efforts must be made to conserve and protect their habitat, so that future generations can appreciate their beauty and diversity.

Other names

Dendrortyx leucophrys



Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge

colí cellablanc



bjeločela prepelica

křepel bledočelý

Hvidpandet Skovvagtel



Colin à sourcils blancs


Pernice boschereccia capocamoscio


gvatemalinė miškinė kurapka


przepiór białoczelny


Гватемальская лесная куропатка

Žutokruna šumska jarebica

prepelka bledočelá

Colín cariclaro

vitpannad skogsvaktel

Ak Yüzlü Ağaçbıldırcını

перепелиця білолоба