Quebracho Crested Tinamou (Eudromia formosa)

The Quebracho Crested Tinamou bird, also known as Eudromia formosa, is a unique and ultimately intriguing creature. These birds are found in the central and western regions of Argentina, with a range extending from the Andean foothills to the pampas of the country.

These birds are distinctively colored, with a brown body and chestnut-colored feathers on the wings and tail. Their most prominent feature, however, is the "crest" of long, pointed feathers that protrude from the top of their heads.

Quebracho Crested Tinamous are one of the larger tinamou species, with an average length of about 19 inches. They have strong, sturdy legs with powerful muscles, which allow them to navigate the rocky and uneven terrain of their habitats with ease.

The Quebracho Crested Tinamou is known for its distinct, mournful call, which is a recognizable sound throughout the bird's range. They are also known for being elusive, preferring to remain hidden beneath the brush and trees of their environment.

These birds are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of foods such as grasses, seeds, berries, and insects. They have the unique ability to digest the tough seeds of the Quebracho tree, from which they derive their name.

The Quebracho Crested Tinamou is considered to be a "near-threatened" species due to habitat destruction and over-harvesting for food and sport. Conservation efforts include the protection of their habitat through land management and the regulation of hunting.

Overall, the Quebracho Crested Tinamou is a fascinating bird that is full of surprises. Its unique physical characteristics, haunting call, and specialized diet make it a valuable and integral part of the ecosystem of Argentina.

Other names

Eudromia formosa



Quebracho Crested Tinamou

tinamú crestat del Chaco



troprsti tinamu

tinama chocholatá




Tinamou superbe


Martinetta del quebracho


gražusis kuoduotasis tinamas


kusacz leśny


Красивый хохлатый тинаму

Savanski ćubasti tinamu

inambu hájový

Martineta chaqueña


Tepeli Kızıl Tinamu

інамбу ошатний

chaco tutt-tinamu