Moluccan Megapode (Eulipoa wallacei)

The Moluccan Megapode is a bird species that belongs to the family Megapodiidae. It is endemic to a few islands in Indonesia, specifically in the Maluku province (also known as the Moluccas). The bird measures 32 to 34 centimeters in length and weighs around 300 to 450 grams.

One notable feature of the Moluccan Megapode is its unique breeding behavior. Unlike other birds that use their body heat to incubate their eggs, the Megapode relies on external sources of heat such as geothermal activity or the sun-warmed sand. The bird builds its nesting mounds with vegetation and sand, and lays its eggs inside. The composting process generates heat, which warms the eggs until they hatch, after roughly two months. Interestingly, the chicks hatch fully developed and able to fly immediately.

The conservation status of the Moluccan Megapode is classified as vulnerable, due to habitat loss, hunting, and egg collection. The bird is prized for its eggs, which are considered a delicacy in local cuisine. The nesting areas are also vulnerable to deforestation and agricultural use, which reduces the availability of suitable nesting sites. Factors such as habitat loss, illegal hunting and egg collection have reduced the bird’s population, making their conservation a priority.

Efforts to protect the Moluccan Megapode involve the creation of protected areas and nesting grounds as well as educating local communities about the importance of conservation. Researchers are also studying the bird’s behavior and nesting habits, in order to better understand how to protect the species while also minimizing impact on local communities.

In conclusion, the Moluccan Megapode is an incredible bird species with an interesting behavior and ecological significance. While the bird's population is currently declining due to human activities, effective conservation measures can help to protect the species for future generations.

Other names

Eulipoa wallacei



Moluccan Megapode

megàpode de Wallace



molučka kokošina

tabon molucký


Moluks Boshoen


Mégapode de Wallace


Megapodio delle Molucche


molukinė višta


nogal molucki


Молуккский большеног

Molučka megapoda

tabon džungľový

Talégalo de Wallace


Boyalı Megapod

великоніг молуцький


maluku-szigeteki ásótyúk

Gosong maluku