Archbold's Nightjar (Eurostopodus archboldi)

The Archbold's Nightjar, otherwise known as the New Guinea Nightjar, is a rare and elusive bird that inhabits the highland forests of Papua New Guinea. It belongs to the Caprimulgidae family and is considered one of the most mysterious birds in the world due to its secretive nature and limited study.

Archbold's Nightjar is a medium-sized bird, around 24 to 26 cm in length. The male and female have different appearances, with the male being duller in coloration, while the female has a more pronounced rufous and white spotting on its feathers. The bird is nocturnal and can only be seen at night flying through the forest canopy and occasionally perching on tree branches.

Many aspects of the bird's behavior and ecology remain a mystery due to the limited research done. However, it is known that the Archbold's Nightjar is an insectivore, feeding primarily on moths and other night-flying insects. It has an unusual wing structure with large primary feathers, allowing it to fly silently, making it difficult to detect.

The range of Archbold's Nightjar is relatively small, as it only inhabits mountain ranges in Papua New Guinea. Due to the remoteness of its habitat and limited understanding of its behavior, population estimates are hard to gauge. Habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation resulting from logging, mining, and agriculture practices are hypothesized to be some of the primary threats to the bird.

Overall, the Archbold's Nightjar is a remarkable bird, recognized for its elusiveness and mystery. With research and conservation efforts, this rare bird species could be better understood and further protected, promoting the preservation of its unique habitat and ecology.

Other names

Eurostopodus archboldi



Archbold's Nightjar

enganyapastors d'Archbold



riđopjegavi leganj

lelek Archboldův


Archbolds Nachtzwaluw


Engoulevent d’Archbold


Succiacapre di Archbold


kalninis Pietų Azijos lėlys


rogatnik ciemnoskrzydły


Горный южноазиатский козодой

Arčboldov leganj

nočnár horský

Chotacabras de Archbold


Archbold Çobanaldatanı

ночнар високогірний



Taktarau gunung