Spotted Nightjar (Eurostopodus argus)

The Spotted Nightjar bird is a nocturnal species belonging to the Caprimulgidae family, found in parts of Africa and southern Asia. It is also known as the Rock Nightjar, thanks to its preference for rocky habitats. The bird is marked with intricate dark and light brown spots all over its upper and lower body, giving it its name.

The Spotted Nightjar has a unique anatomy that separates it from other birds. Its mouth is wide, allowing it to catch insects mid-air while flying. It has feathers around its bill that act like a net, trapping small insects as it flies, and its wings are also proportionally longer than most birds in order to help them fly long distances in search of food. These adaptations also help it camouflage in its natural environment.

The Spotted Nightjar's diet is mainly composed of insects, including beetles, termites, moths, and mosquitoes. It hunts by catching its prey in its beak, often on the wing. It is a solitary bird and is most active during the early evening and at night, when it leaves its perch to forage for food.

As for reproduction, the Spotted Nightjar breeds in the summer months. During this period, males will show off their aerial prowess in flight to attract a mate. Once a pair has been established, they will work together to lay and incubate eggs to ensure their offspring's successful growth and development.

Unfortunately, the Spotted Nightjar's population is currently in decline due to habitat loss caused by agricultural development and urbanization. Conservation efforts are ongoing to help protect these birds and their fragile habitat.

In conclusion, the Spotted Nightjar bird is a fascinating species that has evolved unique physical and hunting adaptations to survive in its environment. The species stands out with its stunning spotted pattern, nocturnal habits, and incredible flying skills. Conserving these birds' natural habitats will help ensure their continued existence in the future.

Other names

Eurostopodus argus



Spotted Nightjar

enganyapastors argus



pjegavi leganj

lelek australský

Plettet Hornnatravn



Engoulevent argus


Succiacapre macchiato


dėmėtasis Pietų Azijos lėlys


rogatnik kropkowany


Пятнистый южноазиатский козодой

Pegavi leganj

nočnár škvrnitý

Chotacabras argos


Argus Çobanaldatanı

ночнар австралійський


árgus lappantyú

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