Satanic Nightjar (Eurostopodus diabolicus)

The Satanic Nightjar is a species of bird that belongs to the nightjar family Caprimulgidae and is native to the islands of New Caledonia in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The bird is notorious for its strange and eerie calls that sound similar to demonic laughter, making it one of the most bizarre birds of the family.

One of the most distinctive features of the Satanic Nightjar is its black plumage, which makes it almost invisible in the dark. The bird is small in size, has large dark eyes and a wide mouth that opens up to reveal an impressive gape. Its wings are long and pointed, designed for agile flight, which allows it to hunt for insects in the night.

The Satanic Nightjar is an elusive bird that prefers to stay hidden during the day and only emerges at night. It uses its eerie calls to claim its territory, attract mates, and communicate with other Nightjar birds. The sounds it makes have become the stuff of legend and are a subject of fear and fascination in the local communities.

The bird is highly adapted to its environment and has developed several unique behavioral patterns to aid its survival. It is known to roost on the ground during the day and flies close to the ground to avoid detection, making it very difficult to locate even in broad daylight.

Despite its name and reputation, the Satanic Nightjar is a harmless bird that feeds mainly on insects such as moths, beetles, and other flying bugs. It is an essential part of the ecosystem as it helps to control the population of insects, which would otherwise become a nuisance.

In conclusion, the Satanic Nightjar is a mesmerizing bird that has captured the imagination of people for centuries. Its unique features, mysterious calls, and almost supernatural behavior make it one of the most intriguing creatures on earth.

Other names

Eurostopodus diabolicus



Satanic Nightjar

enganyapastors diabòlic



sulaveški leganj

lelek vulkánový




Engoulevent satanique


Succiacapre satanico


šėtoniškasis Pietų Azijos lėlys


rogatnik diaboliczny


Сатанинский южноазиатский козодой

Dijabolični leganj

nočnár vulkánový

Chotacabras diabólico


Şeytani Çobanaldatan

ночнар острівний


ördög lappantyú

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