Collared Nightjar (Gactornis enarratus)

The Collared Nightjar, scientific name Gactornis enarratus, is a nocturnal bird species that belongs to the nightjar family. It is primarily found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America. This bird is known for its unique and striking appearance, as well as its soothing call.

The Collared Nightjar is easily recognizable by its large, dark eyes and wide, black collar that extends down its neck. Its feathers are mostly brownish-gray, with intricate markings, and its wingspan measures around 15 inches. This bird species is known for its silent flight, elevated by its adapted feathers which allow the bird to fly and hunt without making any noise.

Collared Nightjars are primarily nocturnal and spend most of their day perched on tree branches, well-camouflaged amongst the leaves. They will often hunt at night using their wide mouths, which are surrounded by stiff bristles used to capture flying insects. These insects make up most of their diet, which also includes beetles, moths, and crickets.

One notable and charming feature of the Collared Nightjar is its melodic, soft call that sounds like ‘tu-wheet, tu-wheet’. These calls are primarily heard during night-time, where they are commonly found near forests, riverbanks, and even near pastures.

While the Collared Nightjar is a relatively common bird species throughout its habitat, it is still threatened by habitat loss and degradation caused by deforestation and human disturbances. The bird is also often hunted in parts of Central and South America for its perceived medicinal qualities.

In conclusion, the Collared Nightjar is a fascinating and unique bird species that is known for its striking appearance, silent flight, and soothing calls. It is primarily found in Central and South America, and is threatened by habitat loss and human activities. This bird is an important part of the tropical ecosystem and its conservation is crucial to the preservation of tropical forests.

Other names

Gactornis enarratus



Collared Nightjar

enganyapastors de collar



crnopjegavi leganj

lelek obojkový


Gekraagde Nachtzwaluw


Engoulevent à nuque rousse


Succiacapre dal collare


apykaklėtasis lėlys


lelkowiec rdzawokarkowy


Ошейниковый козодой

Ogrličasti leganj

lelek hrdzavotylový

Chotacabras acollarado

rödnackad nattskärra

Kızıl Yakalı Çobanaldatan

дрімлюга мангровий


nyakörves lappantyú