Sri Lanka Spurfowl (Galloperdix bicalcarata)

The Sri Lanka Spurfowl is a bird of tropical forests, found exclusively in the island country of Sri Lanka. It belongs to the Phasianidae family which also includes pheasants, quails, and partridges. Scientifically known as Galloperdix bicalcarata or Sri Lankan junglefowl, this bird is also known as the Ceylon Spurfowl. The bird is usually found in the dense undergrowth of forests, near water bodies or in hilly regions.

The Sri Lanka Spurfowl is a small bird, averaging between 30-40 cm in length, with a distinctive rufous-brown color. The bird's head is marked by a white stripe that stretches from the eye to the neck, and a distinctive spur on its leg. The male spurfowl has a shiny dark green head and is usually larger than the female bird. The female has a buffy brown head with a prominent white stripe.

Sri Lanka Spurfowl is usually a shy and elusive bird that is not commonly spotted by humans. They are active during the early morning and evening time, where they scavenger for food in the undergrowth of dense forests. They are omnivorous birds that often feed on seeds, fruits, leaves, insects and small animals. They maintain large territories, usually spanning around eight hectares, throughout their life.

Sri Lanka spurfowls are monogamous birds, often forming pairs for life. During the mating season, the male bird often calls out and marks his territory by puffing out his feathers. The female Spurfowl usually lays a clutch of 4 to 5 small eggs that take around 21 days to hatch. The male Spurfowl usually takes upon himself the responsibility of incubating the eggs.

The biggest threat to the Sri Lanka Spurfowl is habitat destruction, where forests and undergrowth area are being cleared for agriculture, logging or urbanization. Though the bird has a broad distribution and is still reasonably common, there is a need to focus on conservation and breeding programs to conserve this species.

In conclusion, the Sri Lanka Spurfowl is a fascinating bird that is endemic to Sri Lanka. The bird is known for its distinctive color, unique spur, and shy nature. It is a vivid reminder of the diversity of species found in Sri Lanka and the importance of preserving natural habitats for their survival.

Other names

Galloperdix bicalcarata



Sri Lanka Spurfowl

perdiu d'esperons de Sri Lanka



cejlonska trčka

kur dvouostruhý

Sri Lanka-sporehøne



Galloperdrix de Ceylan


Gallopernice di Sri Lanka


šrilankinė pentinuotoji kurapka


kuropatwiak cejloński


Белогорлая шпорцевая куропатка

Mala kokoš sa Šri Lanke

bažantík perlavý

Faisancillo de Ceilán


Benekli Horoz Kekliği

куріпка-шпороніг цейлонська

tseiloni kannuskana