Painted Spurfowl (Galloperdix lunulata)

The Painted Spurfowl is a beautiful bird that belongs to the family of Phasianidae. It is also known as the Painted Francolin, and it is mostly found in the woodlands and savannas of Central and East Africa. The bird is prevalently found in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

The Painted Spurfowl is a medium-sized bird that measures about 32-35 cm in length and weighs around 456g. The male bird has a black head and pale white throat, whereas the female bird has a brownish head and a white throat. Both male and female birds are beautiful and have striking feather patterns, that vary from reddish-brown to greyish-brown color. The bird also has spurs on their legs that serve as protection against predators.

The Painted Spurfowl usually stay near the ground and prefer to move around in small groups or pairs. They are omnivorous birds that feed on insects, seeds, fruits, and small invertebrates. These birds are also territorial, and the male birds have a unique call that they use to communicate with their mates and other birds in the area. The call of the male bird sounds like 'kok-kok' or 'kik-kik,' which is very distinct and loud.

The Painted Spurfowl is facing a decline in their population due to habitat loss and poaching for their meat and feathers. The bird used to be a popular game-bird among hunters, but now they are protected under the law. Many conservation organizations are working towards protecting this bird and preserving their natural habitats.

In conclusion, the Painted Spurfowl bird is a beautiful bird with striking feather patterns and a unique call. It is a significant species that contributes to the ecological balance of the African savannas and woodlands. Therefore, it is essential to protect them and their natural habitat from human-induced threats.

Other names

Galloperdix lunulata



Painted Spurfowl

perdiu d'esperons pigallada



pjegava trčka

kur indický




Galloperdrix lunulée


Gallopernice pittato


puošnioji pentinuotoji kurapka


kuropatwiak siwogłowy


Жемчужная шпорцевая куропатка

Belopegava mala kokoš

bažantík tmavonohý

Faisancillo moteado


Boyalı Horoz Kekliği

куріпка-шпороніг сіроголова