Grey Junglefowl (Gallus sonneratii)

The Grey Junglefowl (Gallus sonneratii) is a species of bird that belongs to the family Phasianidae. It is also known as the Sonnerat's Junglefowl, Grey Junglefowl, or the Indian Junglefowl. The bird is widely distributed across the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The Grey Junglefowl is about 66 centimeters long and can weigh up to 1.2 kilograms.

The male Grey Junglefowl is easily identifiable due to its brightly colored plumage. The bird has a glossy, iridescent blue-black head, neck, and breast. It also has red wattles and comb similar to the domestic rooster. The male's back and wings are lightly brown while the eyes are red. The female Grey Junglefowl, however, has a duller plumage and lacks the male's characteristic comb and wattles.

The Grey Junglefowl is a ground-dwelling bird that prefer dense forests and scrublands. It is primarily a diurnal (day-time) bird and feeds mostly on insects, small seeds, and fruits. The bird also likes to take dust baths to clean its feathers and reduce parasites.

The Grey Junglefowl is a highly vocal species of bird. The male uses a distinctive call during the breeding season to attract females and establish their territory. The bird is also known to be monogamous and mate for life.

The breeding season of the Grey Junglefowl usually runs from December to May. The female lays an average of five to seven eggs in a simple nest made on the ground, usually under a bush. The eggs are incubated for about 21 days, and both the male and female bird take turns incubating the eggs.

Grey Junglefowl are not considered to be threatened, although habitat loss and hunting for food and the illegal pet trade are significant factors to the bird's survival. The Grey Junglefowl is undoubtedly a beautiful bird, and its conservation is essential for the survival of the avian population and the overall biodiversity of the ecosystem.

Other names

Gallus sonneratii



Grey Junglefowl

gall gris



pjegava kokoš

kur kropenatý

Grå Junglehøne



Coq de Sonnerat


Gallo grigio


pilkoji džiunglinė višta


kur siwy


Серая джунглевая курица

Siva divlja kokoš

kura čiarkovaná

Gallo gris

grå djungelhöna

Benekli Yaban Tavuğu

курка сіра


szürke dzsungeltyúk