Crimson-headed Partridge (Haematortyx sanguiniceps)

The Crimson-headed Partridge, also known as the Burmese Hill Partridge, is a species of bird that is native to Southeast Asia. These small birds are typically found in dense forests of China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia. They are known for their striking plumage, which is a combination of black, white, and bright red.

These birds are generally shy and elusive, and they are not often seen by humans. They are ground-dwelling birds that prefer to stay hidden in the underbrush of the forest floor. They are also excellent runners and can quickly disappear into the dense foliage if they are disturbed.

The Crimson-headed Partridge is an omnivore, feeding on a variety of fruits, seeds, insects, and small animals. They have a unique diet in which they rely heavily on the fruits of the forest to provide them with essential vitamins and minerals. They are also known to consume small mammals such as rodents and reptiles.

These birds are monogamous and mate for life. During the breeding season, the male will perform a courtship display by puffing up his chest feathers and calling out to the female. The female will then choose a suitable mate and the pair will build a nest on the ground.

The Crimson-headed Partridge is considered a vulnerable species due to habitat loss and hunting. Deforestation and agricultural expansion have greatly reduced the amount of suitable habitat for these birds, and they are also hunted for their meat. Conservation efforts are underway to protect these birds and their habitats, but more work needs to be done to ensure their survival.

In conclusion, the Crimson-headed Partridge is a fascinating bird that is found in the forests of Southeast Asia. They are known for their striking plumage and unique diet, as well as their shy and elusive nature. However, their survival is threatened by habitat loss and hunting, and it is important that we work to protect these birds and their habitats for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Haematortyx sanguiniceps



Crimson-headed Partridge

rul-rul cap-roig



crvenoglava trčka

koroptev karmínovohlavá

Rødhovedet Skovhøne



Rouloul sanglant


Pernice testacremisi


raudongalvė kurapka




Красноголовая куропатка

Crvenoglava jarebica

maparang lesný

Perdicilla cabecirroja


Al Başlı Keklik

куріпка червоноголова



Puyuh kepala-merah