Silver Pheasant (Lophura nycthemera)

The silver pheasant is a beautiful and graceful bird found in parts of China and Southeast Asia. This bird is known for its unique silver and black feather plumage, which helps it blend perfectly with its surrounding environment. It is one of the largest species of pheasants, measuring up to 3 feet in length.

The male silver pheasant has a distinctive appearance with its silver-white head and neck, black and silver mantle, and a long black tail. The female, on the other hand, has brown feather plumage and a shorter tail. The silver pheasant is an omnivore and feeds on insects, seeds, berries, and even small vertebrates like lizards and rodents.

The silver pheasant is known for its unique mating display. During the breeding season, the male pheasant will perform its elaborate courtship ritual, which includes fanning its long tail feathers, puffing up its chest, and making a series of calling sounds to attract females. Once the female is attracted, mating takes place, and the female will lay an average of 6-12 eggs in a ground nest made of grass and leaves.

The silver pheasant is not widely kept in captivity, partly due to its rarity and mainly due to the challenges associated with breeding them. However, in some areas, they are hunted for their meat, and their feathers are highly prized for ceremonial purposes and decorative use.

Like many other pheasants, the silver pheasant is threatened by habitat loss and hunting. Despite conservation efforts, the population of wild silver pheasants continues to decline, making them a species of concern in many areas.

In conclusion, the silver pheasant is a gorgeous bird with a unique appearance and courtship ritual. Its rarity and the challenges associated with breeding it have made it a less common sight in captivity. However, efforts to conserve this bird are ongoing, with hopes of preserving it for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Lophura nycthemera



Silver Pheasant

faisà argentat



srebrni fazan

bažant stříbrný




Faisan argenté


Fagiano argentato


sidabrinė lofura


kiściec srebrzysty


Серебряная лофура

Srebrni fazan

bažant strieborný

Faisán plateado


Gümüş Sülün

лофур сріблястий