Caucasian Grouse (Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi)

The Caucasian Grouse is a stunning bird that is found in the Caucasus Mountains in Europe. Also known as the Western Capercaillie, this bird is one of the largest in the grouse family, with males reaching up to one meter in length and over six kilograms in weight.

The male Caucasian Grouse is a sight to behold, with its black and glossy plumage, a striking white patch on its wings, and a red facial skin. During the breeding season, the male displays its impressive plumage and makes a deep, low-pitched sound that can be heard from far away. The females are smaller than males and have a browner plumage with whiter spots.

The bird is a typical inhabitant of coniferous and mixed forests, where it spends most of its time foraging on the ground for seeds, buds, and insects. These birds are adapted to living in areas with harsh winters, where their thick feathers protect them from the frigid temperatures.

The Caucasian Grouse faces several threats, including habitat loss due to deforestation, hunting, and predators, including domestic animals such as dogs. Climate change is also emerging as a significant threat to the species, with warmer temperatures affecting the quality and quantity of food sources available for the bird.

Conservation efforts are underway to protect the Caucasian Grouse, including reforestation programs, hunting regulation, and the establishment of protected areas. However, much remains to be done to ensure the survival of this stunning bird, and ongoing efforts are required to preserve this species and its habitat for future generations.

Other names

Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi



Caucasian Grouse

gall del Caucas



kavkaski tetrijeb

tetřívek kavkazský

Sort Urfugl

Kaukasisch Korhoen


Tétras du Caucase


Fagiano di monte del Caucaso


kaukazinis tetervinas


cietrzew kaukaski


Кавказский тетерев

Kavkaski tetreb

tetrov dlhochvostý

Gallo lira caucasiano

kaukasisk orre

Dağ Horozu

тетерук кавказький


kaukázusi nyírfajd


Kaukāza rubenis


kavkaški ruševec