Falcated Duck (Mareca falcata)

The Falcated Duck is a beautiful waterbird found in parts of Asia, particularly in China, Japan, Russia, and Korea. This medium-sized duck is named after its distinct falcated or sickle-shaped feather on the male's secondary wings, which gives a stunning green to bronze color. Female Falcated Ducks are less colorful with a brownish-gray body and a smaller and shorter feather than their male counterparts.

Falcated ducks inhabit shallow freshwater wetlands, including lakes, ponds, rice paddies, and marshes. They are migratory birds, spending summers in northern Asia and wintering in southern Japan. Juveniles start their migration later than adults and usually stay longer in their wintering grounds, primarily in the Ryukyu Islands.

Falcated ducks feed mainly on water plants and insects. They use unique ways to capture their prey, like using their wings to stir the water's surface and create ripples that disturb aquatic insects and other small organisms. They then pick up their prey using their bills.

During the breeding season, male Falcated Ducks gather in groups and display competitive behaviors, such as head-bobbing, chasing, neck-stretching, and calling, to attract potential mates. Female Falcated ducks incubate their eggs in a nest near the water's edge, which they construct with grass, twigs, and feathers.

Falcated Ducks face several conservation threats, including habitat loss, poaching, and disturbance from human activities. Overhunting of this species for their meat and ornamental value also poses significant threats to their population. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed Falcated Ducks as a species of Least Concern. However, their population status needs to be monitored regularly, and effective conservation measures should be implemented to protect them from further decline.

In conclusion, Falcated Ducks are fascinating birds with unique characteristics and behaviors. Their beautiful and distinct falcated feathers make them a favorite among bird enthusiasts, but they face several conservation challenges that require urgent attention. It is essential to promote and implement conservation measures to preserve Falcated Ducks and their habitats, ensuring that future generations can still enjoy this wonderful bird species.

Other names

Mareca falcata



Falcated Duck

xarxet falcat



srpastopera patka

čírka srpoperá




Canard à faucilles


Anatra falcata


sibirinė kryklė





Kineska krdža

kačica kosierkavá

Cerceta de Alfanjes


Büyük Çamurcun

качка далекосхідна


sarlós réce


lielgalvas krīklis


srpasti kreheljc