Amsterdam Wigeon (Mareca marecula)

The Amsterdam Wigeon is a bird species found in the Netherlands, specifically in the city of Amsterdam. This species is a sub-species of the common wigeon and is known for its distinctive appearance, behavior, and habitat.

The Amsterdam Wigeon is a medium-sized water bird, typically weighing around 800 grams and measuring 55-65 cm in length. It has a reddish-brown head with white stripes on its neck and chest, and a pale grey body with black and white patches on its wings. It is easily distinguishable from other wigeon species due to its unique coloration.

These birds are mostly found in the wetlands, ponds, and lakes in and around Amsterdam. They breed in the northwestern part of the Netherlands and migrate to the south in the winters. During migration, they can be spotted in large flocks near water bodies, feeding on aquatic plants, insects, and small invertebrates.

Apart from their unique physical features and habitat, the Amsterdam Wigeon is also known for its distinctive behavior. The male Amsterdam Wigeon can be heard making a whistling sound, used primarily as a mating call. The female, on the other hand, is a long-distance flier, capable of covering over 3,000 km in non-stop flights.

The Amsterdam Wigeon is currently classified as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). However, their population has seen a decline due to habitat loss, hunting, and pollution. Conservation efforts are being undertaken to protect their wetland habitats and regulate hunting practices to ensure their survival in the long term.

Overall, the Amsterdam Wigeon is a unique bird species with distinctive physical features, behavior, and habitat. While it is currently not endangered, ensuring its conservation in the face of threats to its habitat and survival remains a priority for conservationists and bird lovers alike.

Other names

Mareca marecula



Amsterdam Wigeon

ànec de l'illa Amsterdam



kratkokrila kržulja

kachna amsterdamská



Canard d’Amsterdam


Fischione di Amsterdam


Amsterdamo salų antis


świstun krótkodzioby


Амстердамская нелетающая свиязь

Amsterdamska zviždara

kačica krpatá

Pato de la isla de Amsterdam


Amsterdam Adası Fiyusu

свищ короткодзьобий

amszterdam-szigeti réce