Madagascar Partridge (Margaroperdix madagarensis)

Madagascar Partridge, also known as Madagascar Buttonquail, is a small bird species that is native to the island of Madagascar located in the Indian Ocean. These birds are considered to be only found in Madagascar and are widely distributed across the island's different regions. They thrive in both dry and humid scrub forests.

The Madagascar Partridge has a plump and round body that is buff-coloured with black and brown markings on its back, wings and tail. They have strong, short legs that are adapted to running swiftly through the underbrush on the forest floor and have a unique reddish-brown eye colour that stands out on their buff-colored face.

These birds are usually found in pairs or small groups and are highly territorial and secretive. They are active during the day, and their diet primarily includes insects, seeds, and fruits.

During the breeding season, male Madagascar Partridge birds perform elaborate courtship displays. They puff out their chests, raise their heads, and display their plumage to attract females, sometimes accompanied by vocalizations. The courtship displays, which take place from March to September, result in the female laying between two to six eggs in a shallow depression on the ground, which is lined with leaves.

Although their numbers are currently stable, habitat loss and degradation pose a threat to the Madagascar Partridge's future survival. These birds are considered a glimpse of endemic fauna that Madagascar has to offer and are important to the island's ecosystem. Conservation efforts are ongoing to help preserve the forested areas where they live and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting these species and their habitats.

In conclusion, the Madagascar Partridge is an elusive species that possesses unique physical and behavioral traits. As one of Madagascar's most beautiful and unique bird species, it remains an important symbol of the island's rich biodiversity. Their conservation is, therefore, crucial to preserving the island's unique fauna.

Other names

Margaroperdix madagarensis



Madagascar Partridge

perdiu de Madagascar



madagaskarska trčka

křepelka madagaskarská




Caille de Madagascar


Pernice del Madagascar


madagaskarinė kurapka


przepiórka madagaskarska


Мадагаскарская куропатка

Madagaskarska jarebica

prepelica čiernobradá

Perdiz malgache


İncili Keklik

куріпка мадагаскарська


madagaszkári gyöngyfürj