Philippine Megapode (Megapodius cumingii)

The Philippine Megapode bird is a fascinating and unique species of bird found only in the Philippines. Its scientific name is Megapodius cumingii, and it is also commonly known as the "Cuming's Megapode" or "Philippine Scrubfowl". This bird typically inhabits lowland forests and scrubland in the Philippines, and it is known for its large size and distinct physical features.

One of the most notable characteristics of the Philippine Megapode bird is its powerful legs. These legs are used to create elaborate nesting mounds made of leaves, twigs, and other materials. These mounds can often be over a meter tall and several meters in diameter. The Megapode lays its eggs in the mound, which is then left to incubate under the heat generated by the decomposing materials.

The Philippine Megapode bird is also a skilled and agile flier. It has a distinctive short, curved beak that it uses to catch and feed on insects, fruit, and other small prey. It also has a unique mating ritual, where males will create loud vocalizations and perform elaborate dances to attract mates.

Despite its impressive size and fascinating behaviors, the Philippine Megapode bird is unfortunately considered a vulnerable species. Its population has been in decline due to loss of habitat, hunting, and the collection of Megapode eggs for food. Many conservation efforts have been implemented to protect this species, including habitat restoration and the education of local communities on the importance of preserving the Megapode's habitat.

In conclusion, the Philippine Megapode bird is a remarkable species of bird with a distinctive appearance and impressive set of behaviors. While it may be vulnerable to extinction, efforts to protect this unique species are ongoing, with the hope that future generations can continue to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the Megapode.

Other names

Megapodius cumingii



Philippine Megapode

megàpode de les Filipines



sivoprsa kokošina

tabon filipínský

Filippinsk Buskhøne

Filipijns Boshoen


Mégapode des Philippines


Megapodio tabon


filipininė didžiakojė višta


nogal rdzawolicy


Филиппинская курица

Filipinska megapoda

tabon červenolíci

Talégalo filipino


Filipin Adaları Megapodu

великоніг філіпінський

filipiini rihukana

fülöp-szigeteki ásótyúk

Gosong pilipina