Micronesian Megapode (Megapodius laperouse)

The Micronesian Megapode bird, also known as the Tinian Monarch, is a critically endangered bird species that belongs to the Megapodiidae family. It is found exclusively on the island of Tinian in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

The Micronesian Megapode is a small bird, measuring only about 12 centimeters long, with dark brown plumage and a distinctive yellow patch on its throat. It is a ground-nesting bird and lays its eggs in large mounds of sand and volcanic ash, which it then covers with vegetation to keep them warm. The heat generated from the decaying vegetation provides the necessary warmth for the eggs to hatch.

The species is threatened by habitat loss due to human activities, such as deforestation and development, and predation from invasive species. The population of the bird has declined significantly over the years, and there are estimated to be less than 300 individuals left in the wild.

Conservation efforts are underway to protect the Micronesian Megapode bird. The government of the Northern Mariana Islands has listed the bird as critically endangered, and several conservation organizations have initiated projects aimed at protecting the bird and its habitat. One such project involves the construction of artificial nesting mounds that mimic the natural mounds used by the birds for nesting.

Despite the efforts being made to conserve this species, the future of the Micronesian Megapode bird remains uncertain. The threats to its survival persist, and great care needs to be taken to ensure that its habitat is protected, and conservation measures are implemented effectively to safeguard this beautiful bird.

Other names

Megapodius laperouse



Micronesian Megapode

megàpode de Micronèsia



mala kokošina

tabon mikronéský

Mikronesisk Buskhøne



Mégapode de La Pérouse


Megapodio di Micronesia


mikronezinė didžiakojė višta


nogal mikronezyjski


Микронезийский большеног

Mikronezijska megapoda

tabon kurí

Talégalo de las Marianas

mikronesisk storfotshöna

Mikronezya Megapodu

великоніг мікронезійський

mikroneesia rihukana

mariana-szigeteki ásótyúk