Nicobar Megapode (Megapodius nicobariensis)

The Nicobar Megapode bird, also known as the Nicobar Scrubfowl, is a unique species of bird found in the Nicobar Islands of India and nearby regions. These birds are known for their unique breeding behavior and are considered a threatened species due to habitat loss and hunting.

Nicobar Megapodes are medium-sized birds, measuring around 28-40 cm in length, with a wingspan of 50-65 cm. They have a distinctive brownish-grey plumage with a distinctive white patch on their breast. They have a small head and a thick bill that is ideal for feeding on seeds and other small invertebrates.

One of the most unique features of the Nicobar Megapode bird is their breeding behavior. Unlike other bird species, they do not incubate their eggs themselves. Instead, they build large mounds of soil and vegetation, wherein the eggs are laid and are incubated by the heat generated from the sun and decaying vegetation.

The female Nicobar Megapode bird lays 2-3 eggs at a time, and both males and females work together to build and maintain the breeding mound. These mounds can measure up to 3 meters in diameter and 2 meters in height and may take up to 4 months to build.

Despite being a threatened species, the Nicobar Megapode bird has managed to survive due to the conservation efforts of various organizations. These organizations work to protect the habitat of the bird, prevent hunting, and also monitor the breeding mounds to ensure the survival of the species.

In conclusion, the Nicobar Megapode bird is a unique and fascinating bird species found in the Nicobar Islands. Their distinctive breeding behavior and the efforts to conserve their habitat make them significant and worthy of protection and conservation.

Other names

Megapodius nicobariensis



Nicobar Megapode

megàpode de les illes Nicobar



nikobarska kokošina

tabon nikobarský




Mégapode des Nicobar


Megapodio delle Nicobare


nikobarinė didžiakojė višta


nogal nikobarski


Никобарская курица

Nikobarska megapoda

tabon nikobarský

Talégalo de Nicobar


Nikobar Megapodu

великоніг нікобарський

nicobari rihukana

nikobári ásótyúk