Tanimbar Megapode (Megapodius tenimberensis)

The Tanimbar Megapode bird, also known as the Tanimbar Scrubfowl, is a unique bird species that inhabits the Tanimbar Islands in Indonesia. These islands are a group of small islands located in the Moluccas, between the larger islands of Timor and New Guinea.

The Tanimbar Megapode is a medium-sized bird, measuring about 29 cm in length and weighing approximately 400 grams. It has a unique appearance, with a brownish-black body and a small, featherless head with a bright red and yellow patch of skin behind each eye.

One of the most interesting features of the Tanimbar Megapode is its distinctive breeding behavior. Instead of sitting on their eggs to incubate them like most birds, the Tanimbar Megapode constructs a large mound of soil and vegetation that it uses as an incubator. The birds carefully select the site for the mound, often on a sunny hillside, and carefully tend to the temperature and humidity of the eggs by adding or removing soil and vegetation as necessary.

The Tanimbar Megapode is primarily a ground-living bird and is typically found in lowland forest habitats. They are generally solitary birds, although sometimes gather in small groups to feed. They primarily feed on insects, fruits, and seeds and are known to forage both during the day and at night.

Despite its unique and fascinating nature, the Tanimbar Megapode is facing a number of threats. Deforestation, habitat degradation, hunting, and predation by introduced species like feral cats and dogs are all contributing to declining populations. As such, the Tanimbar Megapode is considered a vulnerable species and is currently listed on the IUCN Red List. Conservation efforts are underway on the Tanimbar Islands to protect this unique bird and its habitat, but much more needs to be done to ensure its survival for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Megapodius tenimberensis



Tanimbar Megapode

megàpode de les illes Tanimbar



tanimbarska kokošina

tabon tanimbarský




Mégapode des Tanimbar


Megapodio delle Tanimbar



nogal tanimbarski


Танимбарский большеног

Megapoda sa Tanimbarskih ostrva

tabon tanimbarský

Talégalo de Tanimbar


Tanimbar Megapodu

великоніг танімбарський

tanimbari rihukana

tanimbar-szigeteki ásótyúk

Gosong tanimbar