Surf Scoter (Melanitta perspicillata)

The Surf Scoter, known scientifically as Melanitta perspicillata, is a sea duck that is widely distributed across North America. One of the most fascinating features of this bird is its striking plumage that sets it apart from many other waterfowl species. Adult male Surf Scoters have black heads, white bodies, and a glaring orange bill that is enlarged at the base, while the females are dark brown in color with greyish cheeks. Both sexes possess distinctive white patches on the forehead above the eyes giving them the appearance of wearing glasses.

One of the key traits that make the Surf Scoter unique is its diving ability. These ducks are powerful swimmers that can dive to depths of up to 60 meters to feed mainly on mollusks, crabs, and other aquatic invertebrates. They use their sturdy and thickened bills to crush and swallow their prey whole underwater. They can also be seen floating on waves and diving to escape predators or to approach an area where food is abundant.

Surf Scoters are migratory birds, breeding in the boreal forests of Alaska and Canada during the summer months and wintering along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of North America. They typically form pairs during mating season, and the females bill and vocalize with their prospective mates to determine compatibility. After mating, the females lay a clutch of five to eight brown eggs in a well-concealed nest on the ground or in tree cavities near water bodies.

Like most waterfowl, Surf Scoters are at risk from habitat loss, hunting, pollution, fishing nets, and oil spills. In recent years, their population has been in decline, particularly in the eastern part of their range. To protect them, conservationists have been advocating for the restoration and management of wetland habitats, the regulation of hunting and fishing activities, the reduction of pollution in marine environments, and the implementation of appropriate management practices to minimize oil spills and their impacts on wildlife.

In conclusion, the Surf Scoter is an amazing bird that has captured the imagination of many bird enthusiasts worldwide. With its striking appearance, diving ability, and migratory habits, this sea duck has become an icon of North American wildlife. Ensuring its protection, therefore, has become a priority for those who appreciate and value the diversity, beauty, and importance of our natural environment.

Other names

Melanitta perspicillata



Surf Scoter

ànec negre frontblanc



lisasta patka

turpan pestrozobý




Macreuse à front blanc


Orco marino dagli occhiali


baltakaktė nuodėgulė


uhla pstrodzioba


Пестроносый турпан

Lisasti turpan

turpan okuliarnatý

Negrón careto

vitnackad svärta

Yamalı Ördek

турпан білолобий


pápaszemes réce


bangu pīle