Stejneger's Scoter (Melanitta stejnegeri)

The Stejneger's Scoter is a sea duck that is commonly found throughout the coastal waters of northwest North America, from Alaska to Washington. This bird was named after the Norwegian-American zoologist, Leonhard Stejneger, who conducted extensive research on various marine mammals, including sea ducks.

The Stejneger's Scoter is a medium-sized duck, with a distinctive black plumage and a prominent white patch on its forehead. The male and female scoters look alike, except that the males are slightly larger in size. These sea ducks have a stout body and a short neck, which enables them to dive efficiently in search of their prey. They can dive as deep as 70 meters underwater to catch fish, mollusks, and crustaceans.

During the breeding season, the Stejneger's Scoters migrate to the tundra regions of Alaska and northeastern Siberia. They form monogamous pairs and construct their nests on the ground, often near the water's edge. The females typically lay around 5-10 eggs that hatch after 26-30 days of incubation. The ducklings are able to swim and dive a few hours after hatching and stay with their parents until they become independent.

The Stejneger's Scoter is known to be a quiet bird, emitting only low-pitched whistles and grunts. They are also not very sociable birds and are often seen in small groups or pairs. One interesting fact about these ducks is that they have a relatively faster metabolism than other sea ducks, which requires them to consume more food to maintain their energy levels.

Despite being a relatively common bird, the Stejneger's Scoter is vulnerable to various threats, including oil spills, loss of habitat, and accidental capture in fishing nets. As a result, several conservation efforts have been undertaken to protect this species and its habitat. The Stejneger's Scoter is a fascinating bird that plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem of coastal waters and is an essential species to protect.

Other names

Melanitta stejnegeri



Stejneger's Scoter


sibirska patka

turpan sibiřský

Asiatisk Fløjlsand

Aziatische Grote Zee-eend

Macreuse de Sibérie


Orco marino di Stejneger


sibirinė nuodėgulė


uhla azjatycka


Горбоносый турпан

Sibirski belokrili turpan

turpan bielokrídly

Negrón siberiano

sibirisk knölsvärta

Stejneger Ördeği

турпан азійський

siberi tõmmuvaeras

Āzijas pīle