Black Partridge (Melanoperdix niger)

The Black Partridge, also known as the Francolinus francolinus, is a popular game bird found in many parts of the world, including Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is a medium-sized bird, weighing between 0.3-0.5 kg and measuring around 30-35 cm in length. The Black Partridge is a non-migratory bird and prefers living in dry, scrubby habitats with a lot of grass cover and scattered trees.

The Black Partridge is a beautifully patterned bird with distinctive black and white markings on its feathers, a small black crest on its head and brown eyes. The male and female species are dissimilar in their appearances; the males have a more striking appearance with a bold white collar around their neck and black patches on their chests, while the females have almost entirely brown plumage and no white collar.

The Black Partridge is a ground-dwelling bird and does not fly much. They are often spotted running fast on their stout legs and are known for their beautiful, melodious calls that echo through the scrublands. Their diet consists mainly of seeds, herbs, insects, and small invertebrates found in their natural habitats. They form small flocks and are usually heard before they are seen.

The Black Partridge is also a popular game bird and is often hunted for sport. However, they are facing a decline in population due to habitat loss and hunting pressures. Conservation efforts are being implemented to protect these birds, including the creation of protected areas and strict hunting regulations to prevent over-exploitation.

In conclusion, the Black Partridge is a beautiful and fascinating bird with its distinctive features, behaviors, and calls. Though currently under threat, it continues to thrive in the wild with its resilience and adaptability to changing environments. As we strive towards a sustainable future, it is our responsibility to protect and conserve these amazing creatures that make our world a more beautiful place.

Other names

Melanoperdix niger



Black Partridge

perdiu negra



crna trčka

koroptev černá

Sort Skovvagtel

Zwarte Bospatrijs


Rouloul noir


Pernice nera


juodoji kurapka




Чёрная куропатка

Crna jarebica

kurička čierna

Perdiz negra


Kara Keklik

куріпка чорна


fekete erdeifogoly

Puyuh hitam