New Zealand Merganser (Mergus australis)

Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I must highlight that the New Zealand Merganser is an extinct species of bird that was endemic to New Zealand. It was also sometimes referred to as the New Zealand Fish Duck.

The New Zealand Merganser was a diving duck species that belonged to the family Anatidae. It was first discovered in 1848, and the last confirmed sighting of the bird was in 1902. The primary reasons for its extinction were believed to be habitat loss and hunting.

The New Zealand Merganser was a medium-sized bird with a body length of about 46 centimeters. The males had a glossy black coloration with a white chest, while females had a brownish-grey plumage. They had a long, thin bill and webbed feet that helped them swim and dive in search of food.

The bird's breeding cycle was unique, and they only bred during winter. The female would lay up to five eggs in late June or early July, and the male would incubate them. The female would leave to find a new mate, and only the males would take care of the chicks.

The New Zealand Merganser was a carnivorous bird and mostly ate small fish and invertebrates. They were an important species in the ecosystem, as they helped control the population of certain fish species.

Although the New Zealand Merganser is no longer with us, scientists and conservationists work hard to learn from this species' story and prevent future extinctions. They continue to study the bird's genetics, behavior, and habitat to make informed decisions about conservation and restoration.

Other names

Mergus australis



New Zealand Merganser

bec de Serra de les Auckland



novozelandski ronac

morčák aucklandský


Nieuw-Zeelandse Zaagbek


Harle Austral


Smergo delle Auckland



tracz nowozelandzki


Оклендский крохаль

Oklandski ronac

potápač sivokrídly

Serreta de las Auckland


Yeni Zelanda Tarakdişi

крех оклендський

aucklandi koskel

Auckland-szigeteki bukó