Scaly-sided Merganser (Mergus squamatus)

The Scaly-sided Merganser, also known as the Chinese Merganser, is a medium-sized diving bird that is found in the Far East region of Asia. The bird is recognized as one of the most endangered water birds in the world, with fewer than 5,000 individuals thought to exist in the wild.

The Scaly-sided Merganser is a striking and attractive bird, with a black and white body and a striking green crest on the head. The bird's plumage is covered in a distinctive pattern of scales, giving it its name. The Merganser is known for its unique elongated bill, which is specially adapted to help the bird catch fish underwater.

The Scaly-sided Merganser is native to the freshwater rivers and lakes of eastern Asia, where it is typically found living in dense forests close to waterways. The bird is a migratory species, and in the winter months they travel to warmer climes in south-east Asia.

The Scaly-sided Merganser is considered a keystone species, as it plays a critical role in regulating the river and lake ecosystems in which it lives. The bird is a top predator of small fish, which helps to maintain populations of prey species at healthy levels. If the Scaly-sided Merganser was to go extinct, the entire ecosystem would be thrown out of balance.

Sadly, the Scaly-sided Merganser population has been in decline for many years due to a range of factors. One of the primary threats to the birds is habitat destruction, as large areas of forest are cleared for human settlements and agriculture. The bird has also been severely impacted by commercial fishing, which removes large amounts of small fish from rivers, reducing the food supply for the merganser.

Efforts are being made to help conserve the Scaly-sided Merganser, with a range of measures being taken to help protect the bird's habitats and regulate commercial fishing. However, much more needs to be done to prevent this striking and important bird from going extinct in the wild.

Other names

Mergus squamatus



Scaly-sided Merganser

bec de serra de la Xina



kineski ronac

morčák šupinatý


Chinese Zaagbek


Harle de Chine


Smergo squamato


kininis dančiasnapis


tracz chiński


Чешуйчатый крохаль

Kineski ronac

potápač šupinatý

Serreta china


Yazılı Tarakdiş

крех китайський


csuklyás bukó

zvīņotā gaura