Alagoas Curassow (Mitu mitu)

The Alagoas Curassow is a beautiful bird that is endemic to Brazil. It is a rare and critically endangered species that is a member of the family Cracidae, which includes other large, ground-dwelling birds such as guans and chachalacas. The Alagoas Curassow is known for its striking appearance, with its black feathers and a distinctive blue-purple facial mask. The bird also has a long, curved beak that is well-suited for its herbivorous diet.

This bird is only found in the forests of northeastern Brazil and is facing an uncertain future. The population of the Alagoas Curassow is estimated to be around 130 individuals, making it one of the rarest birds in the world. The main threat to their survival is habitat loss due to deforestation and hunting for meat. Additionally, introduced predators such as dogs and cats also pose a threat to the species.

Efforts are being made by conservation organizations and the Brazilian government to protect the Alagoas Curassow. The bird has been listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and captive breeding programs have been initiated to increase the population. These programs have been successful in breeding the birds in captivity and releasing them back into protected areas of their natural habitat. Additionally, community education programs are being implemented to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the Alagoas Curassow and their habitat.

The Alagoas Curassow is an important piece of Brazil's biodiversity and cultural heritage. Its loss would be a tragic loss to the natural world. By working together to protect these birds and their habitat, we can help ensure they survive for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Mitu mitu



Alagoas Curassow

hoco d'Alagoas



alagoaški hoko

hoko mitu




Hocco mitou


Hocco di Alagoas


tikrasis mitu


czubacz garbonosy



Alagoaški hoko

hoko mitu

Paují de Alagoas


Kulaklı Hokko

міту горбодзьобий


csupaszfülű mitu