Salvin's Curassow (Mitu salvini)

Salvin's Curassow is a rare and endangered bird species that belongs to the Cracidae family. This bird is named after its discoverer, Osbert Salvin, a British ornithologist. The Salvin's Curassow is native to the mountainous regions of Central America, particularly in the countries of Guatemala and Mexico. It is considered one of the most unique and charismatic bird species of the region.

The Salvin's Curassow is a medium-sized bird that measures about 85 cm in length and weighs around 2.5 kg. Its plumage is primarily dark in color, with a distinct white crest on the head and a white-tipped tail. The male has a blue-grey face and a bright reddish-orange bill, while the female is slightly smaller in size and has a brownish-black bill.

Salvin's Curassows are primarily frugivorous birds, feeding on a variety of fruits, seeds, and leaves. They are also known to consume flowers and insects occasionally. They spend most of their time perched on trees or foraging on the ground, using their strong feet to scratch through the leaf litter in search of food.

Sadly, the Salvin's Curassow is listed as an endangered species due to habitat loss, hunting, and the illegal pet trade. The destruction of their forest habitats, particularly by logging and agriculture, has greatly reduced their numbers in the wild. Additionally, they are hunted for meat and feathers by local communities, and their chicks are often captured for the pet trade.

Conservation efforts are being made to protect the Salvin's Curassow and its natural habitat. The bird is now a protected species, and the government of Mexico has established several protected areas to conserve their populations. Educational campaigns have also been launched to raise awareness among local communities about the importance of conservation. Zoos and breeding programs are working together to boost the captive population of the bird, with the hope of reintroducing them into the wild.

In conclusion, the Salvin's Curassow is a rare and fascinating bird species that plays an essential role in the ecosystem. The conservation of the bird and its habitat is essential to ensure the survival of this remarkable species for future generations.

Other names

Mitu salvini



Salvin's Curassow

hoco de Salvin



krupnokljuni hoko

hoko Salvinův

Salvins Hokko

Salvins Mesbekpauwies


Hocco de Salvin


Hocco di Salvin


Salvino mitu


czubacz białosterny


Сальвинов кракс

Salvinov hoko

hoko džungľový

Paují culiblanco


Ak Karınlı Hokko

міту білогузий

loreto hoko