African Pygmy Goose (Nettapus auritus)

The African Pygmy Goose, also known as the Nettapus auritus, is a small waterbird species that is found in the wetlands and swamps of sub-Saharan Africa. These birds are unique due to their small size, stunning coloration, and special ability to perch and nest in trees.

The African Pygmy Goose is a small bird, measuring only 20-28 centimeters in length and weighing between 190-270 grams. They are characterized by their striking coloration of glossy white and chestnut feathers, with iridescent green patches on their wings and a bright yellow patch around the eyes.

Interestingly, African Pygmy Geese have an unusual nesting behavior. They often build their nests in trees, using the abandoned nests of other birds or creating their own by lining holes in trees with feathers and grass. This nesting behavior is unique among ducks and is made possible by their sharp claws, which allow them to climb trees and perch in branches.

These birds are also equipped with specialized bills, which allow them to sift through mud, weed, and water to find insects, crustaceans, and other small aquatic organisms. They are mainly herbivores, but will occasionally eat small fish or tadpoles.

African Pygmy Geese are social creatures and are often seen in large flocks. Breeding pairs mate for life and are very territorial during the breeding season. They lay around 8-10 eggs at a time, which are incubated for around 28 days. The chicks are precocial, meaning that they are mobile and able to feed themselves shortly after hatching.

Although African Pygmy Geese are not considered endangered, their populations are declining due to habitat loss and degradation. Conservation efforts are being made to protect their wetland habitats and ensure their survival. These charming birds are an important part of Africa's biodiversity and serve as an important indicator species for the health of wetland ecosystems.

Other names

Nettapus auritus



African Pygmy Goose

oca pigmea africana



bjelolica patka

kachnička pestrá

Afrikansk Dværgand

Afrikaanse Dwergeend


Anserelle naine


Oca pigmea africana


afrikinė žąselė


kaczuszka afrykańska


Африканский блестящий чирок

Afrička patuljasta guska

kačôčka čiapočkatá

Gansito africano

afrikansk dvärgand

Yeşil Pamuk Ördek

чирянка-крихітка африканська


aafrika pisipart

afrikai törpelúd