Green Pygmy Goose (Nettapus pulchellus)

The Green Pygmy Goose, also known as the Cotton Teal, is a small, streamlined waterbird that can be found throughout Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and many other parts of Southeast Asia. Measuring about 20-23 centimeters in length, the bird is the smallest duck in Australia.

The Green Pygmy Goose is a beautiful bird with unique coloring. The males have bright green plumage on their heads and upper necks, while the rest of their bodies are a warm chestnut brown. The females, on the other hand, have much duller colors, with mostly brown plumage that is marked with faint dashes of green and white.

These adorable birds can often be found in shallow freshwater ponds, marshes, and swamps, where they feed on aquatic plants and small invertebrates. The Green Pygmy Goose is a highly social bird that lives in groups, mostly consisting of pairs or small family groups. They are highly maneuverable swimmers and divers, capable of diving to depths of up to 3 meters for extended periods of time in search of food.

Despite their cute size and gentle appearance, the Green Pygmy Goose is actually a skilled and resilient bird. They have the ability to control their temperature through their feet, allowing them to survive in colder waters when other birds cannot. They are also able to go without food for long periods, making them adaptable to changes in their environment.

Sadly, like many waterbirds around the world, the Green Pygmy Goose has seen a decline in population due to habitat loss, hunting, and climate change. Conservation efforts are underway to protect these beautiful birds and ensure they continue to thrive in their natural habitats.

Overall, the Green Pygmy Goose is a fascinating example of the intricate nature of the animal world. From their colorful plumage to their behavioral adaptations, these captivating little birds are a true delight to behold.

Other names

Nettapus pulchellus



Green Pygmy Goose

oca pigmea verda



zelenoleđa patka

kachnička vlnkovaná

Australsk Dværgand

Groene Dwergeend


Anserelle élégante


Oca pigmea verde


australinė žąselė


kaczuszka australijska


Австралийский блестящий чирок

Zelena patuljasta guska

kačôčka lesklá

Gansito australiano

grön dvärgand

Afrika Pamuk Ördeği

чирянка-крихітка чорношия


kendermagos törpelúd

Trutu coklat